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PRODEC Interior Decoration LLC is based in Dubai, UAE. At PRODEC we provide a complete range of high-end interior services and solutions for commercial and residential projects. Our team of professionals are skilled in the creation of unique concepts blending them with modern and conventional flares. The speciality of PRODEC work is its uniqueness in detail. We give high priority to detail and invest time in perfecting a concept to its full magnificence. We are also efficient in completing time-bound projects leading the way to excellence. In the past we have successfully completed projects that are small, medium and large with outstanding Client satisfaction for commercial buildings, restaurants, shops, hotels and private residences. It is our prime focus to make your living experience special!

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PRODEC Interior Decoration LLC
P.O. Box: 391143, 41 10th St,
Al QuozAl Quoz Industrial Area 4 – Dubai


Tel: +971 4 883 8392
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Salahudeen Abdul Razak: +971 50 767 4565


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